Personalzied Wedding Invitations and wedding statioenry


Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas - Examples and Etiquette for casual and formal weddings

Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas – Examples and Etiquette for casual and formal weddings

We hear a lot of dos and don’ts when it comes to wedding stationery. There are endless rules about how to address people, and what you can and can’t say. And you start to have questions about doing it the right way. In this guide, you’ll find a complete guide to wording your wedding invitation, with examples and ideas to inspire you. Pin it for later ⤵️ Before we begin, I want you to know that wording has been honed over the years to ensure that not one word in your invitation could offend any one of your guests, but […]

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Free Wedding Planning Checklist - countdown checklist

The complete wedding planning checklist you will need to plan ahead for your wedding.

Congratulations on your engagement! You got engaged, and the very first thing you’ll do is announce your engagement. How exciting! As you decide how to share your newly engaged status with the world, start envisioning your dream wedding and what you want for your big day. Before you even start figuring out whether you want a church wedding or a beach wedding, tulips or roses, determine your overall “bridal style”. Take our quiz and find out if you’re a Dreamer, Perfectionist, Rookie, or Nonconformist bride. Of course, everyone has some degree of overlap; even the most devoted Dreamer may have […]

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5 Easy Ways to Limit the Number of Wedding Guests: Wording and Examples

5 Easy Ways to Limit the Number of Wedding Guests: Wording and Examples on your invitation and RSVP Card

Inviting or not inviting people to your wedding day is ultimately the decision of the couple getting married, and to some extent, the hosts of the wedding. Ideally, you’ll want to have your favorite folks around you as you celebrate your love. However, if the number of loved ones is quite large, you may find yourself in need of a guest list trimming and ways to limit the number of wedding guests without hurting anyone’s feelings. Pin it for later ⤵️ I know that coming up with the perfect balance of people to invite can be a real challenge, especially […]

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Baby Shower Planning Guide and and Easy checklist to Follow

YOUR BABY SHOWER PLANNING GUIDE and An Useful Checklist to Follow with Ease

Do we have a mama-to-be and a baby with a due date that is rapidly approaching?  What does this call for? A baby shower! Ok, but first things first. I’ll guide you so you can organize a fun, uncomplicated, and memorable baby shower. Before the REAL PLANNING GUIDE, Let’s start with the invite. Your guests must be well-informed about the date, time, and location of the event, as well as other important details that you want them to know beforehand such as what to take or wear. But more importantly, you want to create an invitation that is a reflection of you […]

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3 fun things to do with your partner before the wedding day


The day before your big day can be the most exciting, yet nerve-wracking day of all.  You have so much to have prepared for getting married!!! To ensure the thought of “I’m getting married tomorrow!” will bring you more happiness rather than stress, make sure everything is prepared ahead of time. Save this Pin ⤵️ Make a checklist and keep track of every item you need to bring to the venue and check off each item as you pack the car. I encourage you to check the list twice. However, don’t spend your precious time working through checklists and watching the clock! After you have read […]

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Unique Wedding Invitations for a Seaside Ceremony

Unique Wedding Invitations for a Seaside Ceremony

If you’re planning your wedding in one of the warmest months, you may be considering finding a seaside venue. There are plenty of ideas for your decor, from seashells to nautical themes, and using colors like pastels, light blue, and sand color. And finding the perfect invitation will help you to set the tone for your special day. Pin it for later ⤵️ Watercolor Nautical Wedding Invitations A beautiful Watercolor Nautical Wedding Invitation inspired by the Sea and Beach and Nautical Weddings. The addition of the beautiful blue watercolor design on each piece and the vellum paper that wraps it […]

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Rustic Fall Vellum Wedding Invitations

Top 10 Wedding Invitations for Fall Weddings

You’re engaged, and now you’ll start the hunt to find the perfect invitation. It’s super common to find many invitations, but none of them reflect your style, or you can’t personalize them as much as you desire. I hear it often from our couples, and the main reason is: You want more than that, and I get it. You’re in the right place. Below I show you our top 10 Fall Wedding Invitations that are personalized up to 99%. YES, you can personalize our designs to fit your style and personality with our guidance and support and personalized customer service. […]

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The Engagement Party

Save Time With These #25 Tips When Ordering Your Wedding Invitations

Know what you should avoid and how to start your journey smoothly Stress, overwhelm and an occasional “freaked out” moment is part of any wedding planning and bride’s reality. And that is why today I want to explain how you can save time and avoid big disappointments when choosing and ordering your wedding invitations. In my point of view, your wedding invitation should reflect your wedding’s overall vibe, your personality, and it should give your guests a taste of the big day (in addition to relevant information). So organizing your day, choosing and finding the perfect invitation is a key […]

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The Baptism of my little pandas and custom stationery created by Rustic Chic

I was expecting to baptize my boys when they were born, more or less, but there were so many issues that we took a break from it, and Covid stuff delayed it until last Sunday. My little pandas had their Christening on Sunday, August 7th, 2022. Two days after they turned 9 years old. My boys are bigger now, and I didn’t want a childish invitation. I was inspired by the Church of their baptism, so they would always have that image in their mind and remember it later. I used cork as the bigger layout to make the contrast […]

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