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Wording and Examples Of How To Word Your Wedding RSVP Cards

There are endless ways to word your reply card, and you can be as creative as you want to word it in an original way. However, the most important part to bear in mind in an RSVP card is to know who’s replying and how many people are going to show up at your wedding. This is where the response card comes in.

Unless you’re including an email address or the URL to your wedding website for guests to RSVP on your invitations, this is an essential bit of wedding stationery.

Remember to consider guests of all ages and those who may not be as comfortable with technology. I recommend providing both options for responding to your wedding invitation: by mail and email or URL.

The RSVP card itself should follow the same style as the invitation in terms of spelling and grammar. Though the stationery should echo the shape of the invitation, it’s generally a much smaller size, and you save on postage, as your guests don’t feel as if they have to write a novel in response to your invitation.

Friend, before I show you the examples below, check our ultimate wedding planning checklist timeline is based on a one-year engagement to help you stay organized, feel in control, and stay one step ahead of last-minute arrangements. Planning ahead for your wedding is essential to keep you calm and ward off sleepless nights during the planning process.

The RSVP request which stands for “répondez s’il voud plaît” goes at the top of the RSVP card.

The RSVP deadline – if your caterer or venue needs a head count two weeks before the wedding, set the reply date at least 4 weeks before the wedding (if you plan to have a B-list, set it even earlier, about 6/7 weeks).


  • Please reply by June 26th
  • Kindly reply by June 26th
  • Kindly respond by June 26th
  • The favor of your reply is requested by June 26th

The names – Give a line to your guests to write their names and if they are bringing plus ones.


  • Name (s) ______________________________
  • M _____________________________________ (the letter “M” is the beginning of the person’s title: Mr., Miss, Mrs., or Ms.

The number attending – include a line to know how many people are attending your wedding.


  • If you wish to limit the number of guests attending, you can include the following wording to politely communicate this: “We have reversed ____ seat(s) in your honor” (and you’ll write a number in the line).
  • ____ Number attending
  • ____ Number of adults attending / ____ Number of children attending (under 12 years old)

The meal choices – Include it if you need to know how many entrées of each meal and you won’t have 2 plates for everyone.


  • Meal option
  • Entrée option
  • Please initial the entrée selection of each guest
  • Please initial each guest’s dinner selection
  • Please select your meal choice

The dietary restrictions – some of your guests could have dietary restrictions.


  • Dietary restrictions ______________________________
  • Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions/allergies _____________________________

Additional wording – you may want to include more info if you have room in the RSVP card.


  • We will dance if you play ____________________________________
  • I’ll put my dancing shoes if you play _____________________________
  • Song request ____________________________________
  • Leave a note for the couple ____________________________________

The online RSVP wording – If you have a wedding website for your guests to reply to, you have to be clear on your RSVP card.


  • Kindly respond by April 2nd using the following website (add your website link here)
  • RSVP online by April 2nd (add your website link here)
  • Please visit our website to respond by April 2nd (add your website link here)

The RSVP envelope – The response card envelope is addressed to the person in charge of the guest list (this can be you, your family, or your wedding planner); remember to include a stamp in the envelope.

PRO-TIP to track your RSVP cards – To figure out the mystery identities of guests who reply but neglect to sign their names or the name is illegible, assign each response card a number. Write the number on the back of the reply card, in pencil, and on your reply-tracking sheet. When you get the inevitable reply without a name or illegible, you’ll be able to match up the numbers and identify who replied.

The attending part – this is the place where you can be more creative to give a personal touch to your reply card.

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Wording and Examples Of How To Word Your Wedding RSVP Cards

Now that you know some of the RSVP card etiquette, below are some of the examples that you can choose from that fit your style and wedding vibe.

Formal Wedding RSVP Wording Examples and Ideas:

  • ____ Accepts with pleasure / ____ Declines with regret
  • ____ Will attend / ____ Unable to attend
  • ____ Graciously accepts / ____ Respectfully declines
  • ____ Joyfully accepts / ____ Regretfully declines
  • ____ Gadly accepts / ____ Politely declines
  • ____ Accepts / ____ Regrets
  • ____ Delighted to attend / ____ Sorry to miss it
  • ____ Yes, we would be delighted / ____ No, we wish we could
  • ____ Will be there to celebrate it / ____ Will be toasting from afar

Alternative Wedding RSVP Wording Examples and Ideas:

  • ____ I can’t wait / ____ Sorry to miss out
  • ____ Heck Yeah! We’ll be there! / ____ Bummer, we can’t make it!
  • ____ Ready to eat, drink and see you get married! /____ Will toast to you from afar
  • ____ Deal me in / ____ Sitting out
  • ____ Let’s party! / ____ Sadly no!
  • ____ Wouldn’t miss it for the world / ____ Will celebrate from afar
  • ____ Ready to eat, drink and see you get married! / ____ No, party on without me
  • ____ Yes! Can’t wait to party! / ____ Boo! So sorry to miss it!
  • ____ Yes, let’s live it up / ____ No, and I’ll forever regret this decision
  • ____ Will be there, and will not be square / ____ Will not be there, and therefore am square
  • ____ Hell yes! / ____Damn, I can’t make it

Destination Wedding RSVP Wording Examples and Ideas:

  • ____ Bags are packed! / ____ Will be thinking of you at home.
  • ____ Bags are packed. Let’s do this! / ____ Bummer, I wish I could, but I can’t make it.
  • ____ Away we go! / ____ Sorry, I’ll have to say no.
  • ____ Ready for take-off! / ____ Sending best wishes
  • ____ Will be there with bells on / ____ Will be there free of bells / ____ Will be there … undecided on bells / ____ Will not be there, heard there will be people wearing bells
  • ____ I can’t wait to celebrate it! / ____ Sad to miss the fun!
  • ____ Yes! Counting the waves / ____ Sorry, we’re in over our heads!

Whatever wording you choose, remember that the RSVP card itself should follow the same style as the invitation in terms of spelling and grammar, and it’s where you can show your creativity most.

If you still need any help figuring out the best option for you, contact us, and we are happy to help.

We offer a full customization service on our wedding invitations with our guidance and support. Feel free to book a free Clarity Call before we start the personalization process, and we can get to know each other, which I love.

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