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Unique Wedding Invitations for a Seaside Ceremony

If you’re planning your wedding in one of the warmest months, you may be considering finding a seaside venue. There are plenty of ideas for your decor, from seashells to nautical themes, and using colors like pastels, light blue, and sand color. And finding the perfect invitation will help you to set the tone for your special day. Watercolor Nautical Wedding Invitations A beautiful Watercolor Nautical Wedding Invitation inspired by the Sea and Beach and Nautical Weddings. The addition of the beautiful blue watercolor design on each piece and the vellum paper that wraps it make this invitation simply stunning. […]

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Rustic Fall Vellum Wedding Invitations

Top 10 Wedding Invitations for Fall Weddings

You’re engaged, and now you’ll start the hunt to find the perfect invitation. It’s super common to find many invitations, but none of them reflect your style, or you can’t personalize them as much as you desire. I hear it often from our couples, and the main reason is: You may like many invitations, and you love some details from one design, other details from another design and you want to have all your favorite details in one design. And then the overwhelm starts because you find designs you love that aren’t personalized or only allow you to personalize the […]

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The Engagement Party

Save Time With These #25 Tips When Ordering Your Wedding Invitations

Know what you should avoid and how to start your journey smoothly Stress, overwhelm and an occasional “freaked out” moment is part of any wedding planning and bride’s reality. And that is why today I want to explain how you can save time and avoid big disappointments when choosing and ordering your wedding invitations. In my point of view, your wedding invitation should reflect your wedding’s overall vibe, your personality, and it should give your guests a taste of the big day (in addition to relevant information). So organizing your day, choosing and finding the perfect invitation is a key […]

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The Baptism of my little pandas and custom stationery created by Rustic Chic

I was expecting to baptize my boys when they were born, more or less, but there were so many issues that we took a break from it, and Covid stuff delayed it until last Sunday. My little pandas had their Christening on Sunday, August 7th, 2022. Two days after they turned 9 years old. My boys are bigger now, and I didn’t want a childish invitation. I was inspired by the Church of their baptism, so they would always have that image in their mind and remember it later. I used cork as the bigger layout to make the contrast […]

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Top 7 Favorite Tips if you’re planning an event this Fall – Save your time with these pro-tips

Planning an event can be more delightful than we imagine. In my opinion, the first set is to set the overall style and decide what you don’t like, to start looking for what you want and wish to have and include in your event. The fall event season is just around the corner, and if you’re planning any, these are my best tips and advice to save time, money, and stress. I have gathered together all our best blog posts, where you can find all the information to be informed to save your time. Feel free to reach out in […]

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Should you be sending emails as opposed to a printed wedding invitation?

Wedding invitations aren’t meant for emails, even if you’re having a small dinner at a restaurant or something more casual. Emails are wonderful for many things, but formal events still require printed invitations. Let’s see why. There are just too many risks with using emails as your wedding invitation. Imagine that the email you sent went to spam or that your guest simply misses the email and forgets to check? This is added stress for you and for them. For you, because you will have to keep reminding them to look at their emails and just freak out about whether […]

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STOP DOING THESE MISTAKES WHEN ORDERING YOUR WEDDING INVITATIONS - #2 facts to get the perfect wedding invitation

Stop Making These Mistakes When Ordering Your Wedding Invitations – #2 things to avoid.

Are you now in the process of looking for your dream wedding invitations? Then let me share 2 big mistakes for you to avoid before choosing THE ONE. FIRST: Choosing the wrong wedding stationer. This will result in: Flat Designs Ordinary Layouts Delayed Answers Standard Designs A long production process Long shipping time No personalization (or limited) And so much more. This is a reality. SECOND: Choosing a standard layout for your invitation: Standard and ordinary wedding invitation templates won’t make you feel unique and special on your big day. Ordinary templates are very common, you risk having the same […]

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Best Time to Plan and Order your Wedding Invitations – 11 Tips that no one talks about

Ok, let’s say that you are at that point in your wedding planning that you have booked your venue.  Now what?  I would suggest finding the perfect invitation ASAP! That’s the only way guests will know about the event, start preparing themselves for your big day and have the first taste of the overall wedding experience. When thinking of your wedding and your invitation, you have to see it as a whole, as a unity. One without the other just doesn’t work. This is where Rustic Chic’s wedding invitations come in. Apart from the obvious utility of a wedding invitation, […]

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WEDDING WEBSITE – What to include and how helpful can it be.

Do you HAVE to have one? No. Is it helpful and adds to the experience? Yes. Here is something I don’t think you would expect to hear: Weddings can be stressful for guests, as well as for you (bride and groom). Boom, I said it! That is where the wedding website comes in. A wedding website is the best place to include all of your weddings program, events, additional activities, and recommendations for your guests. It is crucial to help your guests get organized and prepared for what is to come on the big day. As a bonus: It’s also […]

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