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Find out the Ultimate Wedding Trends for 2021 – 6 Trends you must know

We will see new trends for weddings in 2021. Due to the unforeseen global circumstances caused by Covid-19, couples are changing their priorities, style of ceremony and, concerns about the safety of their guests, and environmental concerns as well. These six Wedding Trends for 2021 will be common, and you’ll start seeing them everywhere. 1. Intimate micro weddings only or big and extravagant weddings will be very trendy this year. 2. Weddings will have a deeper meaning. Brides and grooms are asking for an extra layer to the day where there is a moment to stop and reflect on the events of the past nine […]

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7 Successfully and Smart Ways To Stay Organized While Planning Your Wedding

7 Successful and Smart Ways To Stay Organized While Planning Your Wedding

  Staying organized while planning a wedding is no small feat. 47% of engaged and newlywed couples said the process was so stressful they considered eloping or getting married at city hall, according to a 2018 survey of 500 engaged and newlywed couples by Zola, a wedding planning and registry website. 56% reported elevated anxiety, 37% difficulty sleeping, and 10% loss of sex drive because of wedding planning stress. Photo credits: MykolaKhomenko Clearly, wedding planning can be a mentally and physically taxing job, which may explain why one in three couples (29%) who married in 2018 hired a professional wedding […]

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The Complete Guide about Save the Dates

The Complete Guide about Save the Dates: Tips and Advice to do it the right way

You get engaged, the ring is on your finger, and planning our wedding is underway. The moment to get your guests in the loop started and the first step is to send your Save-the-Dates.  I gather together a lot of information about Save-the-Dates. Why send them, When to send, to Who, What info to include, How to address the envelope and so much more. . . What are Save-the-Dates Save-the-Dates are an official announcement of your wedding date. Your guests will know, that in fact, they will be invited to the celebration. The purpose of Save-the-Dates Most of your family and […]

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12 Reasons Why Do You Need to Hire a Wedding Planner

12 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Wedding Planner

Do you have a job that requires a lot of your time? Your wedding is out of town, you have a small budget and you get easily stressed? Hiring a wedding planner seems like something that you think you can’t afford? A wedding planner will actually help you save money in the long run. Photo credits: Cottonbro   Wedding planners are problem solvers. Your wedding planner will not only sort out all issues but also foresee and prevent them. They will provide honest advice and full-time assistance; they will guide you and support you every step of the way, so that […]

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Laser Cutting Machine - PaperSTudioByC

Behind the scenes – The magic of our Laser Engraving Machine

I talk a lot about Laser engraving and Laser cutting and some of our work is based on that.  Today, I’ll share a bit about this world of Laser Engraving / Cutting. Laser engraving/cutting machine at our studio.  You can have a Laser Cutting machine anywhere you want. Before you can start, you need 4m2 free space (machines like mine), a good trainer at the beginning, a lot of material to test and test and test, a computer, electricity, and your creativity 🙂 Simple, right?   So, What is a Laser Engraving machine? The word laser is an acronym. It’s […]

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Bridal Shower Games - Bundle

10 Free Bridal Shower Games to entertain your guests

Brides-to-be often ask me for guest entertainment ideas that will create joyful moments with family and friends, and this is one of my suggestions. This is a bundle of 10 Bridal Shower games that will help to break the ice between your guests and pass the time while gifts are opened, and have an overall fun time at your bridal shower. You can play it with your family and friends at your bridal or wedding shower by having your guests playing, keeping them laughing.  Let’s start! The first step – you need to print your pdf files (link below). You […]

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Laughing PaperStudioByC

Start Laughing Before Getting Serious

The past two months have been quite hard, on a personal and professional level. I felt chased by mysterious unforeseen circumstances, things that rarely happen and have been constantly testing my resilience. So… I laugh before getting serious. Let’s start. Read my chronological story of what happened 😅 . 1. We adopted a beautiful two month old kitten. One week later, she mysteriously disappeared 😢 I did everything to find her… I advertised, rang all the veterinary clinics, visited all the animal collection centers, I searched the surroundings… Well… I did everything that I could to find her… Don’t stop reading, […]

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Wedding Thank You Card Wording

How To Write a Wedding Thank-You Card Note: Tips and Examples

Wedding thank-you cards don’t have to be long. As long as your wedding thank-you card wording is personal and features heartfelt words of gratitude, you can keep it short and sweet. Adjust your opening and closing lines based on whether you are sending your cards to friends, family, or colleagues. Whilst you can type part of your wedding thank-you card to express your gratitude for your guests’ attendance on your big day, you will still need to add a handwritten note for the specific gifts that you received. Photo credits: Sarah, fotografiaerende You should send them within the first three […]

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Is It Okay to E-mail Wedding Thank You Cards?

Is It Okay to E-mail Wedding Thank-You Cards?

There are some wedding details that are best left “old school,” and your wedding correspondence is one of them. Technology has done wonders for wedding planning, from seamless budget tracking to super-easy ways to share inspiration with your vendors. But not everything is better when technology is involved. For example, what if your e-mails find themselves sitting in the spam folder and never reach your guests!  Just like your save-the-dates, invitations and thank-you cards are an essential part of how you communicate with your guests, and handwritten notes are still the way to go. Sending an e-mail, Facebook message, or […]

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