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How to say “No Kids at Wedding”

The decision to invite children or not to invite children to a wedding is a hotly debated topic with no right or wrong answer. Ultimately it is a personal choice made by the bride and groom. My advice:  Do what works for you! Photo Credits: Daniel Kim Photography If you choose to have children attend your wedding, I recommend to keep them busy!  You will be happy you did and their parents will thank you. kids meals – chicken fingers, pizza, and suits their fancy!  Kids meals could be less expensive, but they also are fast, fun, will keep them entertained and they will actually eat! kids activities – Choose to have a kids table (this will depend on their ages) or have them sit with their parents, and give them something to do!  A goodie bag of coloring books, toy cars, stickers, and maybe a little candy will keep […]

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My orchids at the studio

  It’s a passion and big love!! It was at first sight! Since the phalaenopsis in my studio are doing pretty well, I decided it was time to expand. At my home, we don’t have enough daylight as they like and it has to be warm for they blooming like they are blooming at the studio. So, when I found my studio and bring some phalaenopsis and they started blooming one year after, it was great happiness and a started to buy more and more like these. The one on the right, it’s a Cambria, and it’s new at the studio. I love the colors, and I’ll try to see what happen and how many times she blooms a year.

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12 Wedding tasks to get your groom involved in the Wedding Planning

Wedding planning isn’t just for brides. Grooms can help, too. There is so much to do when planning the perfect wedding, but there’s no rule that says the bride has to do it all on her own. Believe it or not, the groom is perfectly capable of taking on some wedding-related tasks to take the pressure off of you. Here are 12 tasks you can feel free to pass to him. Trust me, and he can handle it! Does he have negotiating skills? Ask him to work out the prices with vendors, and see what kinds of “extras” he can manage to get included in your packages. Alternatively, does he have DIY skills? Goldberg worked with a groom who built a plywood canopy for his ceremony, which was then covered with orange-and-fuchsia organza fabric (and save money). In wedding planning, no task is unimportant, and if you can get his […]

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Top 5 Beach Wedding Invitations

If you found this post, it’s because you found the best beach wedding invitations with us. Inspired by the sea and perfect for a rustic style beach wedding style with the addition of wooden laser cut starfish designed by me. This option means that you are saving thousands of natural starfish with this beautiful design made with so much perfection and dedication that your guests will fall in love as they receive them in the mail. And you too! So, check out below my suggestions and ask me anything if you need some help. If you found this post, it’s because you found the best beach wedding invitations with us. Starfish Wedding InvitationsInspired by the natural colors in addition to the natural color of the kraft, natural burlap, twine, and the beautiful wooden starfish and 3 pearls with different sizes. The ivory cardstock is with shimmer to give the glam […]

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Islamorada is on top 10 for Beach Wedding – Know Why

  If you’re dreaming of a tropical wedding, Islamorada is on top 10 for a classic affair with a relaxing vibe look no further  because this beachside soiree is about to be your jam.  Islamorada combines the perfect romantic beach celebration with a lot of amazing venues to choose and happy to receive you. Imagine the venue stay in a spectacular setting over the water, oodles upon oodles of stunning floral arrangements, and a breathtaking sunset over the water creates a one-way ticket to our happy place. ~ This seems a dream come true, isn’t it? So, go for it! ~   Islamorada is a village on the Florida Keys, known for their coral reefs; Is the Theater of the Sea features dolphin encounters, so don’t lose the chance to swim and be close to dolphins. And rent a kayak head towards Indian Key.  Islamorada is known for its smaller surrounding islands, which make […]

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