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Meet Cristina

Hello and welcome to my website!

My name is Cristina. I’m from Penafiel, where my studio is located, near from Porto, a beautiful city.

I’m a wife and twin’s mother and I love my work at the studio, where I spend all day answering customers questions and producing all orders.

All began making greeting cards until the day I began to organize my wedding and the first step was the creation of my wedding invitation. Something that was a big challenge. It was when I felt passionate about dedicating myself to creating and making unique and special invitations.

I’m so grateful to all my customers and for the very kind feedback and support. I know that I couldn’t do this without them. Thank you.

Each invitation is a piece of art that I made with love and perfectionism. All my work is made carefully with excellent paper qualities.

The lace is chosen to be the perfect one, the starfish the most perfect and very well glued, the burlap, the jute
twine and the pearls are carefully added to the invitations to be just like you see in the pictures. I try to be perfect in all details.

I also offer the complete package. All Invitations have related matching items for you make your day more special.
I encourage you to check out our quality by ordering a sample or reading through our past customer’s reviews to see
what really makes our products and service so special.


This is my studio, where unique items come to life!

Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you find in my shop all that you need to make part of that special day!

Have a wonderful day,