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Start Laughing Before Getting Serious

The past two months have been quite hard, on a personal and professional level.

I felt chased by mysterious unforeseen circumstances, things that rarely happen and have been constantly testing my resilience.

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So… I laugh before getting serious.
Let’s start. Read my chronological story of what happened 😅
1. We adopted a beautiful two month old kitten. One week later, she mysteriously disappeared 😢
I did everything to find her… I advertised, rang all the veterinary clinics, visited all the animal collection centers, I searched the surroundings… Well… I did everything that I could to find her… Don’t stop reading, here comes the funny part.
2. An order of 300 invitations that should take 48 hours to arrive at their destination, took two weeks 🤷‍♀️
Of course, a small part of this was my fault, but it was my first time sending 300 invitations at once and I have learned how to prevent this delay from happening again.
3. The laser tube of my powerful laser cutting machine had to be replaced (unexpected big investment, again) 🤓
This is happening once a year! Oh man!!
4. Even better… the gentleman who came to replace the tube did not align the laser correctly 😆
Even worse, don’t you think? Hahaha. All this caused a delay in my orders for another week.
5. My husband decided to adopt a new kitten.
I could not believe this. I was hurt about our first kitten and my husband replaced her with a new one, as if nothing had happened… Oh no!  I love our new kitten (of course). She’s so funny, quick and energetic that we call her “Spark” – “Faísca” in Portuguese.
6. One week later Spark’s eye got infected (her sister died because of this).
We went to the Veterinary clinic and they recommended putting a medicinal drop in her eye.
7. For the first time, I had two customers with the same name (customer, and the names of the engaged couple), working simultaneously.
Holly crap 🤣 I was sometimes wrong about their proofs 😁
8. A new wooden custom design I created arrived at its destination 50% broken.
Bad news, but I suspected that could happen and I was happy to create a new and stronger design to guarantee that it would not break again.
9. The knife on my electric guillotine had to be replaced with a new one and was badly sharpened.
How could this be possible? It was brand new from the factory 🤣 It cuts both sides well, but in the middle it has a space and doesn’t cut.
10. Good news 😅 I was a model for Suspiro’s Jewels. Good news. 
Soon I’ll share the link with you. It’s not available yet. But you can visit her online shop. Click HERE.
11. We have another new kitten 😅 
She was stuck in the brambles and we went to save her. She was weak and thirsty. Her name is “Cocoa” – “Cacau” in Portuguese. Now I have two black kittens 😁 So two pairs of twins in my life 🤣
13. Three months seeing a physiotherapist for my arms and one of them is still the same 😅 

Power Of Positivity

Most of the time I prefer to laugh at the unexpected events in my life rather than getting all worked up. Have you tried laughing at the unexpected? 

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