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14 Creative Ways to Involve Your Furry Friend In Your Festivities

Every day should be a great day to include your best friends on a daily basis. However, there are special festive seasons that can boost their involvement, such as the Christmas Season, which I especially love.

I’ll share with you 14 creative ways to experiment this holiday season. If you have tried any, please write in the comments or share new ideas to inspire other readers.

1. Matching Holiday Attire

Dress up your pets in festive outfits or matching pajamas for a cute holiday photo shoot.

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2. Paw Print Ornaments

Make DIY paw print ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree, doors or drawers.

Remember to use pet-friendly, non-toxic paint for this craft.

Watch the video demo by clicking on the photo or click HERE to watch.

3. Pet-friendly Christmas Cookies

Bake pet-friendly Christmas cookies and decorate them together.

Let your pets enjoy a taste of the holidays too.

Find simple and easy recipes in THIS link.

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4. Pet-friendly Stockings

Hang stockings for your pets, and fill them with toys and treats.

Let your pets join in the stocking-opening fun.

5. Holiday Bandana or Collar

Buy or make holiday-themed bandanas or collars for your pets to wear during the season.

Cat Toy Advent Calendar

6. Pet Advent Calendar

Get a personalized Dog or Cat advent calendar with daily treats or small toys.

Give them a treat or toy every day to bring a new tradition to your festivities.

Shop now:

7. Christmas Photoshoot

Arrange a Christmas-themed photoshoot with your pets.

Use props like Santa hats, jingle bells, or a holiday backdrop.

8. Pet Gift Exchange

Organize a pet gift exchange with friends or family who also have pets.

Each pet gets a new toy or treat from a different household.

9. Outdoor Adventure

Go for a winter hike or nature walk with your dog.

Enjoy the crisp air and beautiful scenery while spending quality time together.

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10. Candlelit Night

Create a cozy ambiance by lighting some candles, and cuddle with your pets while watching a holiday movie.

11. Santa Paws Visit

Organize a visit from “Santa Paws” (you or a friend in a Santa costume) and let your pets “meet” Santa for a special photo opportunity.

12. Pet-friendly DIY Crafts

Create toys and engage in pet-friendly DIY crafts, such as making catnip toys for cats or tug toys for dogs.

13. Frozen Pet Treats

Bake frozen pet treats with pet-safe ingredients like yogurt, banana, and peanut butter.

Your pets can enjoy these cool delights during the holiday season.

Find the recipe in THIS link.

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14. Storytime with Pets

Share some holiday stories by reading a Christmas book out loud to your pets.

Their presence can make the experience even cozier.

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Whether you involve your best friend or not, remember to prioritize their safety and comfort during all of these activities.

Not all pets enjoy dressing up or participating in all festivities, so be attentive to their preferences and needs.

I’ve shared some ideas, and there are many more. I hope my ideas help you to enhance the bond you share with your furry friends during the holiday season.

If you try any, let me know how it was. And if you have new ideas, share them in the comments so I can keep this blog post full of creative and unique ideas.

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