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Best Time to Plan and Order your Wedding Invitations – 11 Tips that no one talks about

Ok, let’s say that you are at that point in your wedding planning that you have booked your venue. 

Now what? 

I would suggest finding the perfect invitation ASAP! That’s the only way guests will know about the event, start preparing themselves for your big day and have the first taste of the overall wedding experience.

When thinking of your wedding and your invitation, you have to see it as a whole, as a unity. One without the other just doesn’t work.

This is where Rustic Chic’s wedding invitations come in.

Apart from the obvious utility of a wedding invitation, where you can find the names, date, time, location, and other relevant information, it should create a first impression and give your guests a feeling of what your big day will be like.

Your invitations should reflect your weddings overall vibe/theme and it should be aligned and linked to your personality. When you have that combination your guests will automatically have that moment of “wow”. 

If you want my advice to find that perfect invite, this is what I would say. Remember that your wedding invitation will be part of your memories and will last forever so make them count. 

So, these are the #11 tips that no one talks about:

  • Start searching for inspiration as soon as you get engaged
  • Set your budget for your wedding invitations and feel free to ask us anything
  • Start collecting the guest addresses soon
  • Remember to add the RSVP stamp
  • Ask for samples
  • Hand-cancel your invites
  • Send an invitation to your photographer
  • Test inks before addressing the envelopes
  • Buy 5/10 extra invitations
  • Hire your stationer earlier
  • Mail your invites in time

BONUS TIP: Triple check for typos

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Ok, so why choose Rustic Chic to help you on your wedding invitation journey? 

  • First of all it’s as personal, customizable and easy as it gets
  • You can mix the styles of our wedding invitations (add something from one design and details from another design)
  • You are part of the creative process
  • You have my full support and assistance (stress-free)
  • and so much more.

We want to be part of your big day and offer you the best experience during your journey.

If you still don’t know, follow us on Instagram or Pinterest for more inspiration and tips or send us an email if you’re ready to start creating the invitation that you’re envisioning. 

Write in the comments your best advice for the couples that are starting their wedding planning journey.

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