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WEDDING WEBSITE – What to include and how helpful can it be.

Do you HAVE to have one? No.

Is it helpful and adds to the experience? Yes.

Here is something I don’t think you would expect to hear:

Weddings can be stressful for guests, as well as for you (bride and groom). Boom, I said it!

That is where the wedding website comes in.

Wedding Website, what to include on your wedding website and how helpful can it be.

A wedding website is the best place to include all of your weddings program, events, additional activities, and recommendations for your guests. It is crucial to help your guests get organized and prepared for what is to come on the big day.

As a bonus: It’s also the best place to include your wedding registry (since I suggest not to include the URL to your wedding registry on your wedding invitation, but in a separated card) and if guests have any questions they can use the platform to clear them up.

When creating your website also make sure:

  • That the website aesthetic matches the wedding’s vibe.
  • That you add music for when guests enter (this gives an extra touch on the experience and keeps your guests excited) – optional.
  • To add a Q&A option so guests can ask any questions they might have and receive answers to those questions.
  • To add a page where guests can send/write personalized messages about how they are feeling and what they are expecting from the big day.
  • That the website is clear and user-friendly.

So overall I would always recommend for you to have a wedding website (it just removes that additional stress that might come up) and especially if you are planning on having a destination wedding.

If you are looking for inspiration when it comes to your wedding invitations and overall wedding style check out our Instagram and Pinterest.

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