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Rustic Fall Vellum Wedding Invitations

Rustic Fall Vellum Wedding Invitations


If you are thinking about having a fall wedding and love red wine, we have the perfect invitation for you.

Inspired by the beautiful Douro vineyards, the idea behind this particular invitation is to use burgundy and link it to fall weddings and red wine.

The details of the illustration immediately give you a sense of the overall wedding vibe, location, and a hint of your personality (as a couple). It’s that one element that materializes the overall concept and gives your guests those immediate pre-wedding butterflies (the good ones, of course).

You and your guests get a little surprise and experience in every single detail (from the time the invitation is received, opened, and until the big day).

This Rustic Fall Vellum Wedding Invitation has the highest cork quality finishing. While the other cork designs have a sheet of pressed cork, this one is made from sheets of cork and that’s why you can see the cork’s texture and pattern to a high-end finishing.

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