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Custom Photo Christmas Cards – PACK of 5

Custom Photo Christmas Cards – PACK of 5

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Christmas is right around the corner and comes filled with traditions that we just can’t forget to include in such a special holiday.

Holiday cards are no exception! They have to be packed with meaning and what inspired me to make this card was to slightly counter the common Christmas card that you can easily find anywhere (like the ones you can buy in bookstores or newspaper stands).


  • 3 different layers are held by an eyelet in the top-middle, which allows them to slide.
  • The 1st layer is to be personalized with your photo and printed on vellum paper (upload your chosen photo(s) below)
  • The 2nd layer is a gold, laser-cut card
  • The 3rd layer (on the back) is vellum, where you can write your Christmas message (better result with markers)

Included: When purchasing this custom Christmas card, you will get 5 personalized cards + red envelopes + FREE SHIPPING.

I made sure to add a little something special, which will undoubtedly make everyone love the card even more. When the transparent part of the card faces the light, it allows you to read the middle layer message. I just love it and I am certain you will too!

Pro tip: if this card is to be sent by children, you can have a message written by them and add their drawings with makers). It will make the Christmas card even more special.



  • The first layer of the card is your uploaded photo printed on vellum.
  • The middle layer is a laser-cut golden sheet with 5 different messages: Merry Christmas, HO HO HO, Joy Love Peace, Happy Holidays, and Merry and Bright.
  • The third layer (on the back) is a piece of blank vellum paper where you can write your message.
  • An eyelet in the middle.
  • A red envelope.

>> The main card: 5 x 7 in // 17.7 x 12.6 cm
>> The envelope: 5.2 x 7.2 in // 13.3 x 18.4 cm



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