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Blue Tile Wedding Save The Dates

Blue Tile Wedding Save The Dates


Ship your Blue Tile Wedding Save The Dates and lets guests know they will, in fact, be invited to the celebration. The magnet is made in a light card with 2 mm // 1/8in thickness. It’s perfect for Blue Tile Weddings!!! Finalize the look addressing the envelopes to completes the look.

>> Generic Sample: You’ll receive the sample as you see online
>> Personalized sample: You’ll receive the sample personalized
>> One set includes: Magnet + card + envelope

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Our Blue Tile Wedding Save The Dates are inspired by the beautiful tiles found in our lovely Lisbon and Porto. In many churches, old houses, and train stations we can find them.
We call “Azulejo” (Tile) and these are the perfect combinations of the pattern for a summer or destination wedding in Portugal, Spain, and Italy where these tiles and patterns are found all around.

1. Magnet made in white cardstock
2. Card on the back – sky blue and white – color ink
3. White ribbon
4. Recycled / White envelope

>> Magnet: 8×8 cm // 3.1×3.1in — Thickness: 2mm // 1/8in
>> Magnet Weight: 7gr // 0.24oz
>> Magnet + Card + Envelope Weight: 25gr // 0.88oz
>> Square card: 14,5×14,5 cm // 5.71 x 5.71 in

We are here to help. Contact us if you have any questions.

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Additional information

Weight N/A

Generic Sample, Personalized Sample, 10 Cards+Margnet+Env, 15 Cards+Margnet+Env, 20 Cards+Margnet+Env, 25 Cards+Margnet+Env, 30 Cards+Margnet+Env, 35 Cards+Margnet+Env, 40 Cards+Margnet+Env, 50 Cards+Margnet+Env, 45 Cards+Margnet+Env, 50 Cards+Margnet+Env, 55 Cards+Margnet+Env, 60 Cards+Margnet+Env, 65 Cards+Margnet+Env, 70 Cards+Margnet+Env, 75 Cards+Margnet+Env, 80 Cards+Margnet+Env, 85 Cards+Margnet+Env, 90 Cards+Margnet+Env, 95 Cards+Margnet+Env, 100 Cards+Margnet+Env, 110 Cards+Margnet+Env, 120 Cards+Margnet+Env, 130 Cards+Margnet+Env, 140 Cards+Margnet+Env, 150 Cards+Margnet+Env, 160 Cards+Margnet+Env, 170 Cards+Margnet+Env, 180 Cards+Margnet+Env, 190 Cards+Margnet+Env, 200 Cards+Margnet+Env

Envelope color

Recycled (as picture), White


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