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What time of day should you get married?

Historically, between 11 am, and 1 pm remains the most popular ceremony time. However, a candlelit wedding or a wedding at sunset could be very romantic, don’t you think?

What time of the day should you get married

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The day you meet with your venue coordinator, you’ll be presented with options for the scheduled timings.

Things to consider when choosing the time of your ceremony

One of the main things to take into consideration when selecting the time of your wedding ceremony is the time of the year it is taking place. For example, if you are getting married during the winter months, you may want to have your ceremony around midday. The reason being is that there are limited daylight hours, and the mornings and evenings are colder. If you have your ceremony early or late in the day, guests may have a problem getting to your venue because of adverse weather conditions, and the dark evenings would make outdoor photography difficult.

Early morning weddings can be expensive, as you must cater to your guests all day.

At 1 pm or 2 pm, for example, it will give you plenty of time to get ready and take photographs with your bridal party.

Late afternoon and evening weddings are great if you are on a budget, or if you want something a little different. Late wedding ceremonies have a more relaxed feel, ideal if you don’t want to feel rushed and would rather enjoy a relaxed day getting ready for your wedding.

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– An afternoon wedding –

An afternoon event is shorter; you’ll find it easier to stick to a tight wedding budget. You can hold a dinner and tea after the wedding cake.

Have in mind that if you have young children, at night, they might become bored, tired, and grumpy.

An afternoon wedding can open up your venue choices. You can hold an elegant affair in the conservatory of a stately home or country house hotel and maybe even have a string quartet playing as people arrive in the mellow afternoon light.


– An evening wedding –

Due to a recent relaxation in the laws surrounding the time you can get married, you can hold your ceremony during the evening and then throw a party immediately afterward. If you fancy holding your event in a stately home or National Trust property you may have the place all to yourselves. Talk to your venue about what’s possible.

You can considerer serving a buffet instead of having a formal sit-down dinner. 

What time of the day should you get married

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– An all-day event –

An all-day event goes on for longer. It is lovely for you but you’ll need to think carefully about your guest’s wants, and needs if you’re entertaining them from lunchtime through to midnight. 

Consider your budget. If you’re holding your ceremony at 11 am then you’ll need to offer your guests refreshments immediately afterward and greet your evening guests with drinks and canapés before the first meal, whether it’s a buffet, formal sit-down, or something informal.

What time of the day should you get married

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