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The New Studio

We have recently changed to a new studio, in July 2019. Now we have more than 90m2, to produce, create, photograph, and ship our items.

Below, I show you a sneak peek of our studio.

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Privileged to have this landscape

Our landscape. We are privileged to have this stunning landscape.

Lovely greenery pattern

You’re welcome to visit us. This is the first thing you’ll see when you enter the studio. A stunning greenery wall.

Where we can eat and a table to receive the providers

Our table to make some pauses and receive our providers.

My lovely warehouse

My lovely warehouse

Finally, the warehouse as it owns place and is not everywhere.


We love to keep everything organized. Inside these jars are our most used tags.

Our first orders shipped from the new studio. I had one more, but it’s was hard to hold all of them.

Coffee first, please

Do you love coffee? Sometimes I can’t start without a coffee first!

Our table where we keep all the orders organized for production.

The day I stated to organize everything

Well… this picture is scary, but it was just like from where I stated that night, July 30th, organizing all our stuff to start the production in the next day. I can tell that was the easiest part. Move all the stuff from the old studio it was a big challenge.


Thank you for being here with us and soon I’ll change some walls and decor. Make sure that you know everything following us on social media or on our blog.

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