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The luxury of getting your DIY Wedding Invitations from Paper Studio

Some time ago I had an experience with a bride that I want to tell you about. We will call her Katie.

Katie was on a tight budget for her wedding.

So, she decided to make the wedding invitations herself in order to save somehow. Although a little lost in what was to be done, the most practical solution was to come up with the idea.

Katie started by going to a stationery store.

Still not sure where to start, she got lost in the variety and quantity of papers that exist. I can tell you that it is a wonderful world.

However, she came up with the idea. She invested in paper, threads, glues, envelopes and even bought a guillotine.

Katie spent more than $150.
The discouragement came after a few tests and experiments.

But Katie decided to move forward and soon realized that the result was not in line with what she dreamed. Katie decided not to send the guests what she had created because she did not identify with the final result.

Katie also realized that she had bought too much paper, that the printing was not of the quality she desired, that the yarn she bought wasn’t enough and that the glue wasn’t the most appropriate.

I understand Katie. When I created my own wedding invitations, I experienced the same dismay as Katie, but I had no choice but to use what I had already invested. I still love my invites, but if it were today, I would change a lot of things.

And that’s how the DIY Wedding Invitations were born at Paper Studio.

Rustic Chic DIY Wedding Invitations

We want to help brides to create their dream invitation, with quality and as customizable as possible.

We want you to have invitations with a professional design, on pre-selected paper to guarantee high-quality finishing and printing. Unique details will make your invitation a dream invitation that will be memorable for you and your guests.

Professional invitations are the result of years of experience. They represent the knowledge in trends, etiquette, layouts, designs, fonts, and materials.

Now imagine having it all, in a more accessible way, saving some pennies, and in return having fun assembling them yourself.

Even though you may think you have to have crafty qualities, to set up our DIY wedding invitations, you just need a fun night in with your maids of honor.

Let us know in the comments if you love DIY projects.

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