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The Dos and Don’ts of your Wedding Invitation – Wording Etiquette

You got engaged and this may be your first introduction to the world of personalized stationery. While you may have written thank-you notes for birthday gifts and special dinner parties, finding the perfect wedding invitation and ordering them is a new reality, especially if it’s your first time.

Friend, before I show you the Dos and Don’ts of your wedding invitations, check our ultimate wedding planning checklist timeline is based on a one-year engagement to help you stay organized, feel in control, and stay one step ahead of last-minute arrangements. Planning ahead for your wedding is essential to keep you calm and ward off sleepless nights during the planning process.

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Couples reach out to me without knowing how to word their wedding invitations, and that’s not your job. We are here to guide you through every step of the process so that you can have the perfect stationery that reflects your personality, wedding style, and vibe, and, of course, with the proper wedding invitation wording etiquette.

In this blog post, I’ll share with you some of the Dos and Don’ts for wording your wedding invitation correctly. There are endless rules about how to address people, the commas, font styles, alternative wording, and so on.

Before you read these tips and save this post to remember later, bear in mind that:

  • The rules for Dos and Don’ts are more related to giving you suggestions for traditional or formal wording. Consider this as a guideline.
  • Do allow plenty of time – plan enough time in your schedule to work with your stationer.
  • Wedding invitations should always reflect the couple’s personality – this means that your guests should look at your wedding invitation set and recognize you, as a couple, there. This means that you should personalize your set as much as you can.
  • Before you order the first ideas/designs you find on the web, contact the brand to find out a little bit more about the product: you can ask about the level of personalization available, if you’ll see proofs before printing, prices, what is included, and the shipping time for your bulk order.
  • If you go for a template found online, make sure it’s not a best seller, or your guests may have received a similar one before (yuck!!!). Plan and ensure you’ll have the time and expertise to know the proper wording, print, cut, and assemble the invitations without becoming overwhelmed. Buying templates can be fun but sometimes ends up being more expensive and exhausting. Try our DIY wedding invitations. The only job you’ll have is to assemble them, and you’ll have my guidance to personalize them without the overwhelm. Please edit if necessary.
  • Proofread your set many times. Proofread as if it is one of the most important things in your life. Don’t ever skip this part. Ask family and friends to proofread and double and triple-check the wording, such as names, date, time, venue address, and other info. I always ask my couples to proofread one last time before beginning production. Remember, it’s your responsibility if you approve the wrong info in your set.


– The host line: do use the third person for formal invitations

“Mr. and Mrs. Richard White request the pleasure of your company (…) (“Mr. and Mrs.” being the parents of the bride).

For less formal invitations, you can use the first person plural, which seems more natural if the couple is hosting the wedding. For example: “We invite you to celebrate the wedding of (…)” or “Together with our families and friends (…) following with your names.

Know more about Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas – Examples and Etiquette for casual and formal weddings in this blog post.

– The request line:

For a ceremony in a house of worship, do use “Request the honor of your presence”.

For a ceremony in a secular venue, use the phrase “Request the pleasure of your company”.

Do be consistent in spelling.

If you opt for the British language, use “honour” and “favour” instead of “honor” and “favor”.

If you’re going for a contemporary style, use “honor” and “favor” for a cleaner look.

– For formal weddings, do spell out numbers in the date and year, but not in addresses. For example: Saturday, the twenty-seventh of November / Two thousand twenty-seven / at five o’clock in the evening.

For formal weddings, do spell out numerals in times, rather than use “am” or “pm”. For example: “at five o’clock in the evening”.

For formal weddings, titles for medical doctors are generally included, both for parents and for the couple.

– Capitalize the first word and all proper nouns.

Capitalize any line that stands alone if it’s the first line of a new sentence. Example: “Formal attire”, or Please reply by”. But not the “and” you might use between clauses.

However, ultimately couples break the rules often to use a specific font style and to keep the aesthetic of the wedding invitation design using all block font styles and swirls at the beginning and end of the wording. It all depends on the consistency and the overall design too.


The line breaks in the main body of the invitation act as punctuation, so don’t use commas or periods at the end of a line.

The only punctuation used is a period after the social title “Mr. or Mrs.” and any commas used to separate phrases in the middle of a line.

– The reference to gifts or registry should not be included in the invitation card. Include that information on a separate enclosure card. We will support you with wording suggestions.

If it’s an adult-only ceremony/event, ensure that you’re clear on your suite. I covered this theme in two blog posts. Make sure to read them to stay in the loop:

5 Easy Ways to Limit the Number of Wedding Guests – Wording and Examples and

How to say “no kids at the wedding” on your wedding invitation: 26 ways

Information about post-wedding, accommodations, directions, rehearsal dinner, and wedding timeline isn’t to be included in your wedding invitation card. This information belongs on a separate insert or on your wedding website.

Know the most relevant info to include on your wedding website in this blog post.

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The Dos and Don'ts of your Wedding Invitation - Wording Etiquette

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