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The Baptism of my little pandas and custom stationery created by Rustic Chic

I was expecting to baptize my boys when they were born, more or less, but there were so many issues that we took a break from it, and Covid stuff delayed it until last Sunday.

My little pandas had their Christening on Sunday, August 7th, 2022. Two days after they turned 9 years old.

My boys are bigger now, and I didn’t want a childish invitation.

I was inspired by the Church of their baptism, so they would always have that image in their mind and remember it later.

I used cork as the bigger layout to make the contrast between all the pieces, and the blue colors matched our event colors.

The Baptism was in the village where my father lives, in Carrazeda de Ansiães.

They now understand the meaning of being Baptized and were so happy, that I don’t regret not having it earlier, and that it happened now, at their age. They lived the moment, and they will always remember it.

The venue was a very special place with a beautiful landscape. An inspiring and quiet place for any event and needed break from work. Check out the Grapple Hotel & Spa to know more.

Below are some photos of the event with our family.

And detailed photos of the stationery we created.

The Menu
The Place Card
Memorial to those that are in heaven. (find it here)
Cake Toppers (find more here)

Below are the Thank-You Cards made with cork and the photograph printed in vellum paper to create curiosity on reading the special note for each special person.

It’s inspired by one that we have already created (click to find it), but this time, it has to be in Portuguese.

This event that we hosted for their Baptism was very meaningful. I wish my mother was here to see her grandchildren being Baptized. She always wanted me to have twins, and we still do not understand why we had twins. Some people say that was “her”. Who knows. And I was so lucky to become the mother of twins.

This stationery seems pretty simple, and that was the idea. Simple and unique, and rustic and elegant at the same time. Exactly how I like and expected it to be. This stationery is a summary of many techniques learned and improved over the years. And so, very special to me.

Our family loved it and everyone took their place card as a memory, and that means a lot.

I realized that I can go far with my knowledge and that makes me think that I should create stationery from scratch for future events. Something that is now planted in my mind and a dream that will come true in the future.

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