Personalzied Wedding Invitations and wedding statioenry

Stop Making These Mistakes When Ordering Your Wedding Invitations – #2 things to avoid.

Are you now in the process of looking for your dream wedding invitations?

Then let me share 2 big mistakes for you to avoid before choosing THE ONE.

FIRST: Choosing the wrong wedding stationer. This will result in:

  • Flat Designs
  • Ordinary Layouts
  • Delayed Answers
  • Standard Designs
  • A long production process
  • Long shipping time
  • No personalization (or limited)
  • And so much more. This is a reality.

SECOND: Choosing a standard layout for your invitation:

Standard and ordinary wedding invitation templates won’t make you feel unique and special on your big day.

Ordinary templates are very common, you risk having the same invitation as other couples and personalization is also limited.

So what should you be doing instead is getting an invitation that is personalized and done for you.

Let’s see what you get in this scenario:

  1. An invitation design that you can customize to reflect your style and your wedding day
  2. An invitation that you’ll love to see every time you go back through your memories
  3. An invitation that no one else will have (only you)
  4. And an invitation that your guests will remember forever

Now that I have shared the 2 biggest mistakes, let me share how Rustic Chic can help you throughout your invitation creation journey and process.

We will listen carefully to your vision and personalize an invitation that suits your style and make sure to make the process of creation and decision making as easy as possible.

These are the simple steps:

  • Find your style: beach, rustic, fall, country, laser-cut, country, barn, elegant, modern, romantic, minimalist, nautical, etc.
  • Contact us and we will guide you through the designing process.
  • We will start the personalization of your design to fit your wedding vibe and personality. You’ll be able to change up to 99% of the design.
  • You’ll be guided and get my support to accommodate all your needs.
  • You’ll get digital proofs of everything, so you can see changes during the personalization process and what the final result looks like.
  • You’ll have all my support.
  • You’ll get an answer to all your question.
  • You’ll get the perfect invitations for your big day.

Your invitation is as important as your wedding dress. it informs guests of relevant details they need to know, but also gives them a taste of what to expect on the big day.

Are you ready to start your journey with us? Click here if you want to start today, and make sure to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest.

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