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Should you be sending emails as opposed to a printed wedding invitation?

Wedding invitations aren’t meant for emails, even if you’re having a small dinner at a restaurant or something more casual.

Emails are wonderful for many things, but formal events still require printed invitations.

Let’s see why.

  • There are just too many risks with using emails as your wedding invitation.
  • Imagine that the email you sent went to spam or that your guest simply misses the email and forgets to check? This is added stress for you and for them.
  • For you, because you will have to keep reminding them to look at their emails and just freak out about whether the email was received or not and as for your guests, they will miss out because they won’t have all the information they need to prep in advance.
  • Another downside of using emails as your wedding invitation is that there is no uniqueness or personalization. It doesn’t reflect your big day and it also doesn’t give your guests that first impression and experience of the overall wedding vibe.
  • It won’t be memorable at all, and if you think about it, your wedding invitation is the first tangible element that materializes your wedding so make it unforgettable.

You’ll always remember your wedding invitations so choose the one that will make you feel amazing and help you build that lasting memory.

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Choose the one that will make your guests feel special and welcome.

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