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Send or not Save the Dates? Find 6 Reasons to send them out

Send or not save the dates? This is the question that still arises in newly engaged couples.

The decision depends on a few factors and today I will show you the advantages of doing so.

Remember to put “Invitation to Follow” on save the date to avoid getting your guests confused, and don’t think that it is your wedding invitation.

Send or not Save the Dates? Find 6 Reasons to send them out

1. The Save the Dates are for your guests.
At the contrary of what one can think. This card is not about you; this card is for your guest.
The excitement will start as soon as your guests know that you will marry, and you’ll miss this exit if you only send your invitations 4/6 months before the wedding date.

2. It’s crucial if you’re having a Destination Wedding.
Your guests need to know well in advance if they are going to have a Destination Wedding.
This will entail scheduling trips, stays well in advance, and ensure that friends or family with irregular working hours can get organized to be present on your day.

3. This is an excellent way to communicate some details, such as date, place, and website, among others.

4. Gather addresses.
Preparing to send out the save the dates will help you organizing a guest list and addresses together. The best way to get these list done and over, well before you need to send out your wedding invitation

5. You know that your guest will receive your card. Sending a physical save the date, you don’t have to worry about your guests losing them in their email. a “gorgeous” save the date will be proudly displayed to your guests, and your wedding date won’t be forgotten.

6. Your guests will get the first brief of the style of your wedding with your save the date.
The colors, design, and style will be the first window to your wedding day. That’s why they are so important as well.

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