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My orchids at the studio

Phalaenopsis at the studio #phalaenopsis #botanical #plantsatwork
Phalaenopsis at the studio #phalaenopsis #botanical #plantsatwork


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It’s a passion and big love!! It was at first sight!
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Since the phalaenopsis in my studio are doing pretty well, I decided it was time to expand.
At my home, we don’t have enough daylight as they like and it has to be warm for they blooming like they are blooming at the studio.
Cambria at the studio #cambria #botanical #plantsatworkPhalaenopsis at the studio #phalaenopsis #botanical #plantsatwork
So, when I found my studio and bring some phalaenopsis and they started blooming one year after, it was great happiness and a started to buy more and more like these.
The one on the right, it’s a Cambria, and it’s new at the studio. I love the colors, and I’ll try to see what happens and how many times she blooms a year.
Phalaenopsis at the studio #phalaenopsis #botanical #plantsatwork Phalaenopsis at the studio #phalaenopsis #botanical #plantsatwork
PhalaenopsisPhalaenopsis at the studio #phalaenopsis #botanical #plantsatwork
These ones are blooming now and I’m so happy to have them at my studio.
Having the plants you love at your work inspires you at every moment you stop making what you’re doing!

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