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Find out the Ultimate Wedding Trends for 2021 – 6 Trends you must know

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We will see new trends for weddings in 2021.

Due to the unforeseen global circumstances caused by Covid-19, couples are changing their priorities, style of ceremony and, concerns about the safety of their guests, and environmental concerns as well. These six Wedding Trends for 2021 will be common, and you’ll start seeing them everywhere.

1. Intimate micro weddings only or big and extravagant weddings will be very trendy this year.

The 6 Wedding Trends for 2021
Photographer: bentakemyphoto

2. Weddings will have a deeper meaning.

Brides and grooms are asking for an extra layer to the day where there is a moment to stop and reflect on the events of the past nine months and be grateful for good health and safety, to honor the opportunity of being finally able to celebrate with loved ones. 

The 6 Wedding Trends for 2021

3. Couples are increasingly putting sustainability as a top priority on their wedding day.

Did you know that a wedding produces the same CO2 as five people will produce in a year?

There are some ways to reduce the CO2 impacts:

> Choose a venue that is central to your guests

> Choose local vendors and have zoom meetings so as not to waste fuel

> Use plant trees or shrubs that can be replanted after the wedding day

> Use recycled paper certified by FSC

> Use a caterer that will use local products

> Buy your wedding dress from local vendors

4. Yellow shades, like Ocre, Mustard, and Buttery tones.

It’s a wonderful color that works very well with rich fabrics and a perfect color to give some accents of light or enhance some details.

A mood board to inspire you: CLICK HERE to find it.

5. Buffet catering has traditionally been a popular way to serve dinner at larger weddings.

At this moment, for safety reasons, many couples will probably choose plated dinners, food trucks, and sack lunches.

Photo credits: Mat Brown

6. Livestreaming weddings will likely continue into 2021 for those guests that can’t attend or travel. 

Video calls are part of our lives at this moment. New technology is easy to use and will brighten the day of those that cannot attend the wedding.

Photo Credits: Ekaterina Bolovtsova

Regarding the new trends, we can notice that most of them are a consequence of the Covid-19 crisis.

Therefore, in my opinion, the introduction of the yellow shades as a color trend, inspire us, as enlightenment to new hope, more happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, remembrance, honor, loyalty, and joy.

With the new vaccine, there is new hope and the excitement of newly engaged couples will increase each day.

Are you excited about 2021?

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