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Dogs at Wedding

6 Adorable Ways to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

In these days it seems to be quite common to include the Dogs at your weddings. A dog always means a lot to a couple, and many couples treat the dogs as one of their family members. That’s why many couples choose to have a furry friend as part of the wedding. There are many ways to include dogs in weddings. Make man’s best friend a member of the bridal party—Whether the dog helps the daddy to ask the love or simply being a ring bearer, it brings quite fun and warm to the whole nuptial. If the venue or […]

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She said yes

10 Steps to a Better Engagement Ring Selfie

You got engaged and now you’ll be sharing the great news on Instagram, Facebook, Twiter, and other social media. So if you’re newly engaged, congratulations! I’ve put together a few ideas and tips for a great engagement ring selfie. Picture from Pinterest 1. Treat yourself to a manicure Your hand needs to look perfect, but because pampering yourself is fun – and you’re a bride-to-be after all! Whether you go for classic red polish, a nude hue, or add a little sparkle to your ring finger, a fresh manicure will add instant style and polish to your engagement ring selfie. […]

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Kids at Wedding Daniel Kim Photography

How to say “No Kids at the Wedding”

The decision to invite children or not to invite children to a wedding is a hotly debated topic with no right or wrong answer. Ultimately it is a personal choice made by the bride and groom. My advice:  Do what works for you! Photo Credits: Daniel Kim Photography If you choose to have children attend your wedding, I recommend to keep them busy!  You will be happy you did and their parents will thank you. kids meals – chicken fingers, pizza, and suits their fancy!  Kid’s meals could be less expensive, but they also are fast, fun, will keep them […]

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12 Taks to get your groom involved in teh wedding planning

12 Wedding tasks to get your groom involved in the Wedding Planning

Wedding planning isn’t just for brides. Grooms can help, too. There is so much to do when planning the perfect wedding, but there’s no rule that says the bride has to do it all on her own. Believe it or not, the groom is perfectly capable of taking on some wedding-related tasks to take the pressure off of you. Does he have negotiating skills? Ask him to work out the prices with vendors, and see what kinds of “extras” he can manage to get included in your packages. Alternatively, does he have DIY skills? Goldberg worked with a groom who […]

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