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Laser Cutting Machine - PaperSTudioByC

Behind the scenes – The magic of our Laser Engraving Machine

I talk a lot about Laser engraving and Laser cutting and some of our work is based on that.  [click_to_tweet tweet=”Since I invested in this machine, the way I get creativity has changed. It’s like a dream come true and this is my Ferrari :)” quote=”Since I invested in this machine, the way I get creativity has changed. It’s like a dream come true and this is my Ferrari :)”] Today, I’ll share a bit about this world of Laser Engraving / Cutting. Laser engraving/cutting machine at our studio.  You can have a Laser Cutting machine anywhere you want. Before […]

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Laughing PaperStudioByC

Start Laughing Before Getting Serious

The past two months have been quite hard, on a personal and professional level. I felt chased by mysterious unforeseen circumstances, things that rarely happen and have been constantly testing my resilience. So… I laugh before getting serious. Let’s start. Read my chronological story of what happened 😅 . 1. We adopted a beautiful two month old kitten. One week later, she mysteriously disappeared 😢 I did everything to find her… I advertised, rang all the veterinary clinics, visited all the animal collection centers, I searched the surroundings… Well… I did everything that I could to find her… Don’t stop reading, […]

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Forest Stewardship Council

Wake up to a life full of forest

PaperStudioByC’s paper, wood, and cork are certified by FSC. FSC helps to look after forests and the people and wildlife who call them home. The FSC forest management certification confirms that the forest is being managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and benefits the lives of local people and workers while ensuring it sustains economic viability. We are so happy that our products help to keep the forests full of life.  So, while you take care of your stationery to use them we’ll help you to take care of your forests. Buying our products, you’re buying a paper […]

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Where we can eat and a table to receive the providers

The New Studio

We have recently changed to a new studio, in July 2019. Now we have more than 90m2, to produce, create, photograph, and ship our items. Below, I show you a sneak peek of our studio. If you want to know more about us, sign up for our newsletter, in the column, at right. Our landscape. We are privileged to have this stunning landscape. You’re welcome to visit us. This is the first thing you’ll see when you enter the studio. A stunning greenery wall. Our table to make some pauses and receive our providers. Finally, the warehouse as it owns […]

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Phalaenopsis at the studio #phalaenopsis #botanical #plantsatwork

My orchids at the studio

  [click_to_tweet tweet=”” quote=”I haven’t told you how much I love the Phalaenopsis.”] It’s a passion and big love!! It was at first sight! Since the phalaenopsis in my studio are doing pretty well, I decided it was time to expand. At my home, we don’t have enough daylight as they like and it has to be warm for they blooming like they are blooming at the studio. So, when I found my studio and bring some phalaenopsis and they started blooming one year after, it was great happiness and a started to buy more and more like these. The one on […]

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Hi, it's me, Cristina

Meet Cristina

My name is Cristina. I’m a wife and a happy twin’s mother. I’m from Portugal and Penafiel it’s my city, where my studio is located, near Porto, a beautiful city.

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