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Bridal Jewels – What You Need To Know When Choosing Them

All eyes will be on you on your special day <3

As with anything else you wear on your wedding day, we recommend that you choose jewels that move the eye where you want it to go and that balance the overall picture.

For example, prominent earrings help draw attention to your face, a long necklace elongates your upper body and a bracelet helps to bling up your wrist.

Let’s see the following examples.

#4 TIPS TO REMEMBER about your bridal jewels when choosing them.

Dainty Dangle Golden Leaf Earrings#1 Less is more

The most important rule is to maintain balance.

The jewels will highlight your bridal look on your big day.

Both gown and jewels need to complement each other.


Crescent Moon Earrings With Big Flower#2 Balance your jewels with your dress neckline

Your dress neckline and your jewels should highlight your face.

For example, high necklines, like halternecks, can look too much with a necklace.

Choose big drop earrings instead.

Modern Leaf Necklace Bridal Jewelry#3 Avoid too many colors

Wear one or two colors at best.

They need to blend well with your dress.

Too many colors can look tacky and take away from the bride’s inner and outer beauty.

Starfish Pendant With Dangle Waterdrop Silver Bridal Jewelry#4 Go for something you’ll wear later

Buy jewels that you’ll wear on other festivities, and want to wear again with other outfits.

Like our jewels.

So, follow the basic rules:

1. Less is more

2. Balance your jewels with your dress neckline

3. Avoid too many colors

4. (this is my favorite) Go for something you’ll wear later 💖

Let me know if you have any questions about Bridal Jewels in the comments below.

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