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6 things to do with your flowers after the wedding

The flowers are one of the most beautiful details of the Wedding day and one thing you can avoid is throwing them out after the reception.

This is what you can do with your flowers after the Wedding day:

1. Use them as Gifts

Use the flowers as take-home gifts for your guests. Whether you choose to use the flowers to bulk up your Wedding favors, or even instead of your Wedding favors, simply ask the stylist to make mini bunches of the flowers from the ceremony and then hand them out to guests at the reception.

2. Dry Them

Preserve your flowers by drying them out. Dry whole bouquets by hanging them upside down, or individual buds by pressing them in a heavy book.

6 things to do with your wedding flowers - dried flowers

Photo credits: Kelly Sikkema

3. Leave them with a Loved One

This is a sentimental way to include a loved one who’s passed away in your Wedding. After the Wedding, you and your hubby can go and place the flowers at the grave, leaving them with a special piece from your Big Day.

4. Donate Them

Call a local charity, hospital, or nursing home and offer to give the flowers to someone less fortunate. The organization may come and pick them up straight from the reception, or alternatively, you can ask your Bridesmaids to deliver them for you the day after the Wedding.

5. Turn the petals into potpourri

If you don’t mind your bouquet losing its shape, potpourri is a beautifully fragrant way to keep your flowers alive after the big day. Find out how to DIY it here.

6. Make a custom art

See this video on Mirandathekitten channel and see how to press flowers to create original artwork that you hang in a prominent place in your home. To press, get a heavy book, like a page with wax paper and place individual petals on the paper. Put another heavy book on top, and keep the book closed for a week to 10 days. Flowers should then be moisture-free with a papery texture. Make different patterns—hearts, your monogram, abstract shapes—with the flowers on heavy cardstock and hang each separate design in a simple white or silver frame

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