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5 Easy Ways to Limit the Number of Wedding Guests: Wording and Examples on your invitation and RSVP Card

Inviting or not inviting people to your wedding day is ultimately the decision of the couple getting married, and to some extent, the hosts of the wedding.

Ideally, you’ll want to have your favorite folks around you as you celebrate your love. However, if the number of loved ones is quite large, you may find yourself in need of a guest list trimming and ways to limit the number of wedding guests without hurting anyone’s feelings.

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5 Easy Ways to Limit the Number of Wedding Guests: Wording and Examples

I know that coming up with the perfect balance of people to invite can be a real challenge, especially when there are expectations to manage and obligations to fulfill.

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Below are some Savvy tips to think about before creating your guest list:

  • Identify the VIPs
  • Set your goals and priorities
  • Stick to the budget
  • Have a system for cuts
  • Be flexible

In addition to deciding on the number of guests to invite, it’s important to clearly communicate your expectations on your wedding stationery. There are simple and easy ways to do so politely without hurting anyone.

But first things first. Will you invite children? If not, be sure to state this on both your wedding invitation and RSVP clearly. I can help you with this.

This blog post (click to read “How to Say “no kids at the wedding”) will help you to find a nice and polite way to word it on your wedding invitation.

You really need to know how many people plan to attend your event, so make it as easy as possible for them to respond. This means enclosing a response card and a pre-addressed, stamped envelope.

We can talk later about how to word the entire RSVP card, but today’s blog post is all about how to limit the number of wedding guests. So, let’s move to that part.

TIP NUMBER 1- To avoid any confusion, it’s important to clearly communicate who is invited to your wedding. I recommend using multiple methods, including the envelope, invitation card, and RSVP card to make it clear from the start.

How to make it clear to guests who is invited to your wedding day

TIO NUMBER 2 – On your envelope

When printing guests’ names and addresses on the main envelope, it’s important to ensure that you include the names of the individuals who are invited, so make sure to do it correctly.

For example:

Are you Inviting the entire family? Print: Mr Jason & Mrs Stacey Miller and Family

Inviting adults only? Print: Mr Jason & Mrs Stacey Miller

TIP NUMBER 3 – In the invitation card

The invitation card is a great place to tell your guests who you’re inviting. If children are invited, there is no need to mention it. But, if you’re not, you should word it at the bottom of the invitation card.

Remember, make it clear to understand and word it in a way you know won’t hurt their feelings. There are many ways to phrase it, so take time to choose the one that reflects your personality. (click to find ideas)

TIP NUMBER 4 – In the RSVP Card

Immediately after the RSVP date, include the following: “We have reserved ____ seats in your honor” instead of an open line as “____ number of guests attending“.

You’ll fill in the blank space with a number (the number of guests you are inviting). If the couple has children and you’re inviting only the couple, you will fill it with “2” in the empty line/space.

Another option is to use the statement: “____ of _____ attending“. You’ll fill in the second blank space with “3” if you plan to invite only 3 people, and the couple cannot bring 4 of 3 guests as you only have 3 seats.

TIP NUMBER 5 – In the RSVP Card

Include a line for each guest who is invited. For example, instead of only adding one line for the names section, include one line for each person you’re inviting. For example:

Name _______________________________



In my opinion, this example doesn’t make it super clear, and if your intention is to make it clear, use one of the other ways I gave you.

In a general way, there’s always someone that will break the rule and will bring a kid or an extra guest. And what is my opinion? Don’t let that plus one or two make you feel angry or disappointed.

Enjoy your day and have fun because it’s your day, and you want to remember the best moments for the rest of your life.

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5 Easy Ways to Limit the Number of Wedding Guests: Wording and Examples

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