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3 Things You Should Know Before Buying Your Wedding Invitations; That No One Tells You

One of the most important parts of planning your wedding is choosing the wedding invitations.

This step is crucial because it’s the first impression your guests will get from what they can expect of your wedding and will have to represent a little of what the wedding will be like.

Looking for your ideal invitation can be arduous but very exciting as well. I went through it too and it looked like a soap opera. That’s why I’m sharing these 3 advice with you.

So, based on what I have learned and the experience I have with my brides, I share with you 3 key points that you will thank me for reminding you of!

3 Must-Know Actions, You Should Know, Before Buying your wedding invitations - that no one tells you

1. Try to see the invitation first before proceeding to purchase.

This is a fundamental point that many brides forget. See, touch, feel the quality of the materials, see how it is packaged and whether it has a personal note. If you received a personal note from the brand that shows that they care more about yourself and that you’re not just another customer. I also recommend sending this same sample by mail, to your address. You will know the postage costs to send that invitation, and you’ll know what you can expect in the future.

2. Send an email to the brand.

This lets you know if they are slow to respond or not because you don’t want to work on a brand that takes forever to respond to emails, right? Ask everything that comes to mind. What is included, how much it costs, the production time, shipping time, ask whatever comes to mind, and clear all your doubts.

3 Must-Know Actions, You Should Know, Before Buying your wedding invitations - that no one tells you
Photo credits: Marta Filipczyk

3. Try to know how it works if you want more invitations in the future.

I always recommend buying some extra invitations. There are invitations that can be misplaced, backtracked, or because your parents want to invite someone else and urgently need more invitations. Buy everything extra. It is normal to feel this way, so ask about how it works the re-printing. Many brands charge a very high
amount of re-print fee that you were unprepared for and it seems unfair since you only want them to reproduce what you have previously purchased.


4. Try to know how long it takes to produce your invitations.

Some brands can take up to 6/8 weeks and nobody wants to expect it, right?

5. Ask if you can change the wording on the invitation and if you can add more details with information.

Some brands do not allow to add anything, about changing their own design.
Keep all this in mind and ask me anything.

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PS. Let me know what are or were the most significant struggling while your wedding planning. White in comments, please. I would love to learn with you.

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